Jaime Arnett for Whatcom County PUD

Whatcom County needs Internet For All now. The PUD is uniquely positioned to provide high speed internet to all of Whatcom County. Replacing slow and unreliable internet access gives rural families a fighting chance to compete in today’s economy. Internet access is now a utility; without it, rural communities lack vital educational services to youth and community members and much needed tele-medicine appointments. PUDs were created to bring electricity to small towns and farms. Modern internet has similarly become a necessity for today’s life and learning.

I care deeply about protecting and providing clean water for families, fish, and farms. Growing up in a fishing family and working professionally in the industry, I understand the importance of a healthy and flourishing Nooksack River. Operating a farm, I understand the importance of water availability to agriculture. I vow to make decisions for the benefit of all in our community. 


As PUD Commissioner, I will seek: 1) clean energy solutions to grow our economy; 2) universal high-speed broadband at affordable prices; 3) a more transparent PUD that communicates more effectively with the public.


I’m ready to get to work. Please vote Jaime Arnett, PUD Commissioner, District 3. 


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